Colleges in Multan

Affiliated Colleges for Boys & Girls Multan

Colleges in Multan, Affiliated colleges for Multan board | Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Multan

Sr# Name
1 Govt. Higher Secondary School Shujabad
2 The Public Higher Secondary School (Girls) Multan.
3 Nishat College of Science (For Girls) Multan
4 Govt. College For Women Chungi No. 14, Multan
5 Nishat College of Science (For Boys) Multan
6 Govt. Degree College for Women, Shah Rukn-e-Alam Multan.
7 Govt. College of Education, Multan.
8 Global College of Computer Sciences, Multan
9 Scholars College Bosan Road, Multan
10 Central College for Girls Bosan Road, Multan
11 Govt. Degree College for Women Jalalpur Pirwala
12 Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Tatey Pur, Multan
13 Govt. Degree College, Makhdum Rashid, Multan
14 Govt. Degree College for Women, Shujabad
15 Govt. Degree College, Jalalpur Pirwala (Multan)
16 Multan College of Commerce Multan.
17 Punjab College for Women, Multan.
18 Zakariya College of Commerce, Multan.
19 Punjab College of Commerce, Multan.
20 Govt. Degree College, Shujabad
21 Govt. Degree College for Women, Makhdum Rashid (Multan)
22 Govt. Higher Secondary School, Ailam Pur (Multan)
23 Govt. College, Multan
24 Govt. College Civil Lines, Multan
25 Govt. Wilayat Hussain Islamia Degree College, Multan
26 Govt. Millat College Multan.
27 Govt. Alamdar Hussain Islamia Degree College, Multan
28 Govt. College of Science, Multan
29 The National College 858-D Bosan Road, Multan
30 Govt. College for Women, Multan
31 Girls Public College, Multan.
32 Aligarh College for Girls Gulgasht Colony, Multan
33 Punjab College of Information Technology, Multan.
34 Govt. Higher Secondary School, Budhla Sant (Multan)
35 Govt. Higher Secondary School Jalalpur Pirwala (Multan)
36 Govt. Higher Secondary School, Lar (Multan)
37 Govt. Higher Secondary School Qadir Pur Ran (Multan)
38 Multan Public School & College, Multan.
39 La Salle Higher Secondary School, Multan
40 Govt. Higher Secondary School, Kot Mela Ram (Multan)
41 Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Shujabad (Multan)
42 Govt. College for Women, Mumtazabad, Multan
43 Rise College of Science For Women, Multan.
44 Allama Iqbal College of Commerce & Management, Multan.
45 Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School Piran Ghaib, Multan
46 Govt. Higher Secondary School, Raja Ram Teh: Shujabad (Multan)
47 Science Spectrum Girls Degree College,Shujabad.
48 Superior College for Women,Neel Kot Bosan Road,Multan.
49 Govt. Higher Secondary School, Bahadarpur Jalal Pur Pir Wala (Multan)
50 Superior College for Boys,Neel Kot Bosan Road,Multan.
51 Multan Institute of Management Science, Multan
52 Allama Iqbal Higher Secondary School, (Boys) Lodhran Road Shujabad, Multan
53 Nishat Girls H/S/S Shalimar Colony Bosan Road Multan
54 Al-Qadeer Boys Higher Secondary School, Jalalpur Pirwala (Multan)
55 Superior Science Girls Higher Secondary School Shujabad, Multan
56 Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Zarif Shaheed Shujabad (Multan)
57 Govt. Higher Secondary School, Sameejabad No. 1 Multan
58 Rise College of Science for boys Multan
59 Pakistan Higher Secondary School, (For Boys) Shujabad
60 Sir Syed College of Commerce Multan.
61 Munir Arshad Memorial Tameer-e-Millat Boys H/S/S. Multan
62 Nishtar College of Commerce & IT Multan
63 Leadership College for Girls Sabzazar Colony Main Bosan Road, Multan.
64 The Educators College Zaid Campus, Multan
65 Govt. Community Nusrat-ul-Islam Girls Inter College Multan Cantt.
66 Govt. M.A. Jinnah H/S/S Qasim Pur Colony, Multan
67 Govt. Girls Inter College, Willayat Abad No. 2, Multan
68 Govt. Girls Community Model Higher Secondary School Karim Town,
69 Govt. Al-Hussain Higher Secondary School Ismailabad, Multan
70 Govt. Girls Comprehensive Higher Secondary School Gulgasht, Multan
71 The Institute of Southern Punjab 31-A Gulgashat Colony, Multan
72 Allama Iqbal Higher Secondary School (For Girls) Bodla Colony,
73 Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School Chah Bohar Wala, Multan
74 St. Mary’s Convent Girls Higher Secondary School, Multan Cantt.
75 Chenab College Multan
76 Joint Forces Cadet H/S/S, Bosan Road, Multan
77 Allama Iqbal College for Boys Shujabad,(Multan)
78 The Educators Girls College, Zaid Campus Multan.
79 Muslim Public Higher Secondary School Peoples Colony Mumtazabad,
80 International College of Commerce, Multan.
81 Allama Iqbal College of Commerce & Management (For Girls) Multan.
82 Leadership College, Sabzazar Colony Main Bosan Road, Multan.
83 Fort Public Girls Higher Secondary School, Basti Malook (Multan)
84 The Central Degree College (Regd) Bosan Road, Multan

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