Schools in Pakpattan

Affiliated Schools for Boys & Girls Pakpattan

Schools in Pakpattan, Affiliated Schools for Boys & Girls Pakpattan | Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Multan

Sr# Name
1 Govt. High School, Arifwala.
2 Govt. Girls High School, City Pakpattan
3 Govt. High School, Kalyana (Pakpattan)
4 Govt. High School, Noor Pur (Pakpattan)
5 Govt. High School, Kartar Pur (Pakpattan)
6 Govt. High School, Urban Area Pakpattan
7 Govt. High School, Dhappai (Pakpattan)
8 Govt. High School, Kumhari Wala (Pakpattan)
9 Govt. High School, 69/E.B (Pakpattan)
10 Govt. High School, Jaman Shah (Pakpattan)
11 Govt. High School, 20/EB (Pakpattan)
12 Govt. High School, Tibbi Lal Baig (Pakpattan)
13 Govt. High School, 34/K-B (Pakpattan)
14 Govt. Higher Secondary School, Malka Hans (Pakpattan)
15 Govt. High School, 28/EB (Pakpattan)
16 Govt. High School, 83/D (Pakpattan)
17 Govt. M.C. High School, Arifwala (Pakpattan)
18 Govt. Higher Secondary School, 127/EB (Pakpattan)
19 Govt. High School, 66/EB (Pakpattan)
20 Govt. Islamia Shakar Gunj High School Arifwala(Pakpattan)
21 Govt. High School, 50/EB (Pakpattan)
22 Govt. High School, 37/EB (Pakpattan)
23 Govt. High School, 93/EB (Pakpattan)
24 Govt. High School, Chak Shafi (Pakpattan)
25 Govt. High School, 153/EB (Pakpattan)
26 Govt. High School, 351/EB (Pakpattan)
27 Govt. High School, 163/EB (Pakpattan)
28 Govt. High School,111/EB (Pakpattan)
29 Govt. High School, 91/E-B (Pakpattan)
30 Govt. High School, Pakpattan
31 Govt. Girls High School, Colony Area Pakpattan.
32 Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Malka Hans Pakpattan.
33 Govt. Girls High School, 37/S.P (Pakpattan)
34 Govt. Girls High School, 96/D (Pakpattan)
35 Little Chums Girls High School, Pakpattan.
36 Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Qabula (Pakpattan)
37 Govt. Girls High School, 66/E.B. (Pakpattan)
38 Govt. Girls M.C Model High School, Arifwala.
39 Govt. Girls High School, 149/E.B. (Pakpattan)
40 Govt. Girls High School, 119/E.B. (Pakpattan)
41 Govt. Girls High School, 147/E.B. Pakpattan.
42 Govt. Girls High School, Chak Shafi (Pakpattan)
43 Govt. High School, Basti Sakhi Ghulam Qadir (Pakpattan)
44 Govt. Girls High School, 67/E.B. Arifwala (Pakpattan)
45 Govt. High School, 1/EB (Pakpattan)
46 Govt. Fazilka Islamia High School, Pakpattan
47 Govt. High School, Chak Bedi (Pakpattan)
48 Govt. High School, 29/S.P. (Pakpattan)
49 Govt. High School, Pir Ghani (Pakpattan)
50 Govt. High School, Feroz Pur Chishtian (Pakpattan)
51 Govt. High School, 96/D (Pakpattan)
52 Govt. High School, Azmat (Pakpattan)
53 Govt. High School, 70/D (Pakpattan)
54 Govt. High School, 39/S.P (Pakpattan)
55 Govt. High School, 27/S.P (Pakpattan)
56 Govt. High School, Hota (Pakpattan)
57 Govt. High School, Chak Sandhay Khan (Pakpattan)
58 Govt. Girls High School, 69/E.B. Arifwala
59 Premier Public School, Pakpattan
60 Girls High School, Ali Trust (Free) Education Centre Pakpattan
61 Model Public Girls High School, Pakpattan.
62 OPF Public School, (For Girls) Pakpattan
63 Misali Zakariya Science Secondary School, Arifwala
64 District Public School, (For Boys) Pakpattan.
65 Pakistan Public High School, Farid Nagar, Pakpattan
66 OPF Public School, Pakpattan
67 Punjab Boys High School, Pakpattan
68 Arifwala Public School, Arifwala
69 The Educators New Muhammadan Camp.(Girls) Arifwala
70 Pak Boys H/S Moh.Farid Nagar Kachehri Road Pakpattan
71 Pakistan Public Science Model H/S Adda Chak Bedi Pakpattan
72 Govt. High School, Noora Rath (Pakpattan)
73 Al-Fareed School System Pakpattan
74 Sir Syed Public Girls High School, Pakpattan
75 Al. Madina Girl High School, Bunga Hayat Pakpattan
76 Govt. C. M. Girls Higher Sec, School, Purana town Hall,Pakpattan
77 Arifwala Public School (For Girls), Arifwala.
78 The educators New Muhammadan Camps Arifwala
79 Young Scholars Foundations Public Girls High School, Pakpattan
80 Govt. Girls High School, City Arifwala
81 Jamil Model Girls High School, Pakpattan.
82 ACPS Education System For Girls Pakpattan.
83 Pasban Public High School, Pakpattan
84 Al Badar Public (Boys) High School, Pakpattan
85 Sarate-Mustakeem Girls High School 51-SP Pakpattan
86 Govt. Secondary School, of Special Education For Hearing Impaired Pakpattan
87 The Pakpattan Public Girls High School, Pakpattan.
88 Govt. High School 34/E-B, (Pakpattan)
89 Govt. Secondary School, of Special Education For Boys Pakpattan
90 Govt. High School, 19/EB (Pakpattan)
91 Iqra Public High School (Boys) Arifwala
92 Govt. High School, 157/E.B (Pakpattan)
93 Govt. High School,52/EB (Pakpattan)
94 Govt. Higher Secondary School, Qaboola(Pakpattan)
95 Govt. High School, Kot Hira Singh (Pakpattan)
96 Govt. Arabic Model High School, Kot Khuda Bakhsh (Pakpattan)
97 Govt. Girls High School, Chak Bedi (Pakpattan)
98 Govt. Girls High School, 39/S.P, Pakpattan.
99 Sun Rise Public Girls High School, Arifwala (Pakpattan)
100 Punjab Cadet High School Pakpattan.
101 Pak Girls High School, Farid Nagar Kacheri Road Pakpattan
102 Little Chums Boys High School, Pakpattan
103 Punjab Girls High School, Pakpattan
104 Laureate Cadet High School Pakpattan.
105 Iqra Public Girls High School Arifwala
106 Govt. Community Model Girls High School Bunga Hayat Pakpattan
107 Govt. Community Model High School, Bunga Hayat Pakpattan
108 The Oxford Education System Boys High School, Pakpattan.
109 Govt. Community Girls High School 16/E.B, Arifwala (Pakpattan).
110 Raco Higher Secondary School, (For Boys) Pakpattan.
111 Raco Girls Higher Secondary School, Pakpattan.
112 The Oxford Education System Girls High School, Pakpattan.
113 District Public School, (Girls) Pakpattan.
114 Johar Model Girls High School, Moh. Khan Pur Pakpattan
115 Al Abrar Madina Tul Ilm Rahmania Girls High School, Pakpattan
116 Govt. High School, 88/EB (Pakpattan)
117 The Pakpattan Public High School (for Boys) Pakpattan

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