Schools in Lodhran

Affiliated Schools for Boys & Girls Lodhran BISE Multan

Schools in Lodhran, Affiliated Schools for Boys & Girls Lodhran | Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Multan

Sr# Name
1 Govt. High School, Wahi Ali Arain (Lodhran)
2 Govt. Girls High School, Lodhran.
3 Govt. High School, 362/W.B Dunyapur (Lodhran)
4 Govt. High School, Chak Himta (Lodhran)
5 Govt. High School, 343/W.B (Lodhran)
6 Govt. High School, 53/M (Lodhran)
7 Govt. High School, Massa Kotha (Lodhran)
8 Govt. Secondary School, Bahawal Garh (Lodhran)
9 Govt. High School, Rind Jada Teh:Kahror Pakka (Lodhran)
10 Govt. High School, Adam Wahan (Lodhran)
11 Govt. High School, Qurashi Wala (Lodhran)
12 Govt. High School, 355/W.B (Lodhran)
13 Govt. High School, 384/W.B (Lodhran)
14 Govt. High School, 90/M (Lodhran)
15 Govt. High School, Noor Garh (Lodhran)
16 Govt. High School, Gahi Mummar (Lodhran)
17 Govt. High School,Qadir Pur Chimna Kahror Pacca(Lodhran)
18 Govt. High School, Salsadar (Lodhran)
19 Govt. High School,Chak No. 49/M (Lodhran)
20 Govt. High School,Haveli Naseer Khan (Lodhran)
21 Govt. High School, 321/W.B (Lodhran)
22 Govt. High School,Chak No. 356/W.B (Lodhran)
23 Govt. High School, Kotla Ali Dasti (Lodhran)
24 Govt. High School, 35/M (Lodhran)
25 Govt. Girls High School, Adam Wahin (Lodhran)
26 Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Kahror Pacca (Lodhran)
27 Govt. Girls High School, Dunya Pur (Lodhran)
28 Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School,365/W.B(Lodhran)
29 Govt. Girls High School, 362/W.B (Lodhran).
30 Govt. Girls High School, Qutab Pur (Lodhran)
31 Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Jallah Arain Lodhran.
32 Govt. Girls High School, 227/W.B (Lodhran)
33 Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Dhanot (Lodhran)
34 Govt. Girls High School, 35/M (Lodhran)
35 Govt. High School, Amir Pur Sadat (Lodhran)
36 Govt. Girls High School, 363/W.B (Lodhran)
37 Govt. Islamia High School, 359/W.B (Lodhran)
38 Govt. High School, Dhanot (Lodhran)
39 Govt. High School, Kahror Pacca (Lodhran)
40 Govt. Higher Secondary School,Makhdoom Aali (Lodhran)
41 Govt. Higher Sec. School Jhandir Wah (Lodhran)
42 Govt. High School, Dunya Pur (Lodhran)
43 Govt. High School, Qutabpur Sadat (Lodhran)
44 Govt. High School, Jallah Arain (Lodhran)
45 Govt. High School, Gogran (Lodhran)
46 Govt. Isl. Public High School,Kahror Pacca (Lodhran)
47 Govt. Muslim Public High School, 363/W.B (Lodhran)
48 Govt. Girls High School, 358/W.B (Lodhran)
49 Dunya Pur Public School, Dunya Pur.
50 Dunya Pur Public School, (For Girls) Dunya Pur
51 Govt. Girls High School, Chak 319/WB Dunya Pur
52 Govt. Girls High School Makhdoom Aali, Lodhran
53 Ashraf Girls High School Jalal Pur More,Lodhran.
54 Govt. Girls High School, Gogran (Lodhran)
55 Govt. Girls High School Khanwah Ghalwah (Lodhran)
54 Hannan Public Girls High School Dunyapur.
55 Al-Rahmat Secondary School, 339\WB Dunyapur Lodhran
56 Govt. High School Khan wah Ghalwah (Lodhran)
57 Govt. High School, Jhanbi Wahin (Lodhran)
58 Hannan public boys high school, Dunya Pur
59 Alpine Girls Higher Secondary School, Lodhran
60 Alizium Public Boys Secondary School, Lodhran.
61 Govt. Girls High School Gilawala, Lodhran.
62 Gvot. Girls High School, 360/W.B Dunyapur (Lodhran)
63 Gvot. Girls High School, 253/W.B Dunyapur (Lodhran)
64 The Educators High School, for Girls Sutlej Campus Lodhran.
65 PINS Public Girls High School, Lodhran.
66 Gvot. Girls H/S chak Himta (Lodhran)
67 Allama Iqbal Public High School Dhanote (Lodhran)
68 The Educators High School, Sutlej Campus Lodhran.
69 New Defence Public High School Danwran (Lodhran)
70 Govt. High School Mehar Abad (Lodhran)
71 Govt. High School 3/M. Lodhran.
72 Govt. High School, Khan wah Ghulwal. Lodhran
73 Govt. High School, Gilawala (Lodhran)
74 Govt. Sharif Shaheed High School,376/W.B (Lodhran)
75 Govt. High School, 378/W.B (Lodhran)
76 Govt. High School, Lahori (Lodhran)
77 Govt. High School, Jalal Abad (Lodhran)
78 Govt. High School, Lodhran.
79 Govt. High School, Danwaran (Lodhran)
80 Govt. High School, Mian Pur Arain (Lodhran)
81 Govt. High School, 237/W.B (Lodhran)
82 Govt. High School,Dollah Arain (Lodhran)
83 Govt. High School, Jallah Arain, Lodhran
84 Al-Rahmat Girls Secondary School, 339\WB Dunyapur Lodhran
85 Lodhran Public Girls High School, Lodhran.
86 Govt. High School, 253/W.B Lodhran.
87 Govt. Girls Community H/S School 343/W.B. Dunyapur (Lodhran)
88 Govt. Girls Community H/S School Amir Pur Sadat (Lodhran)
89 Govt. Girls High School, Lodhran.
90 Alizium Public Girls Secondary School, Lodhran.
91 Al-Hudda Model Public High School, (Boys) Qutab Pur (Lodhran)
92 Ghazali Pilot Boys High School, Chak No.369/WB Dunyapur (Lodhran)
93 Ashraf H/S School, Super Chowk Lodhran
94 Govt. High School, Rawani (Lodhran)
95 Lodhran Public School, Lodhran

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